My name is Marcelo Camargo, better known as Haskell Camargo, and I’m a programmer, translator and open-source enthusiast based in Joinville/SC - Brazil. My main focus is on functional programming, compilers and computer science theory.
In my free time, I work as translator of several open projects, such as articles from Mozilla Foundation, Bitbucket, WPS Office, phpMyAdmin, CakePHP and Geany. I’m polyglot and, although I’m not good on express my writing, I speak 7 languages: portuguese, english, spanish, turkish, chinese (mandarin) and esperanto.
I program in 40+ programming languages and I’m engaged in the open-source community, in projects such as the PHP programming language and some other compilers.


Currently, I’m using Elementary OS Freya as operational system, Sublime and Vim as text editors (I don’t love Emacs anymore) and git for version control.



I’m also a fan of capybaras! Those lovely large rodent of the genus Hydrochoerus!

Capybaras being cool